Who We Are

For the total well-being of the CHILD

Berachah is a not-for-profit organization solely committed to the total well being of the child. It was established to tackle the various causes of under-five mortality in our country and thus reduce the rates associated therein.

Berachah is registered with Corporate Affairs Commission under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

We believe that children are the future of a nation. If given the right environment and a fair chance, they will grow to impact their world positively.

In a continent where the population of children is expected to grow, we are dedicated to ensuring that all children are born and have a good chance of growing beyond the age of 5.

With its focus clearly defined, Berachah is committed to establishing and running projects aimed at reducing child mortality rates in Lagos State and ultimately Nigeria as a whole.

Berachah aims to do this via partnerships and sponsorships from both national and international organizations.

Our History

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Seed Shield Centers – These Centers will comprise of low cost modular buildings or refurbished containers that will be placed on a vacant plot of land. They will be fitted with necessary equipments and personnel to guarantee their ability to serve impoverished and underserved communities in its locality.
The Centers will provide services in four areas namely:

  • Child and Maternal Health Care Services (Pre and post natal care, Immunization, Free vitamins and nutritional supplements, availability of trained medical personnel).
  • Maternal Education and Empowerment (Skill acquisition, Literacy classes, Child care training).
  • Food Kitchen (Free daily meals and formula for enrolled children and babies).
  • Child Care and Education (Classrooms, play areas, nap areas).

Our Mission

To engage in and promote activities which contribute to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being of children.

To act against things which diminish the total well being of the child.

Volunteer,Give or Share

Put your skills to good use through our Berachah opportunities
available in different areas e.g. research, data gathering,
outreach programs, campaigns, ushering, technical etc.